Bro. Pade Tokun (Ibadan)   |   Mr. Andrew Gwaivangmin (Jos)   |   Pastor Joseph Egwuda (Kaduna)   |   Evang. Samuel Yahaya (Kaduna)   |   Pastor David Kanda (Host)   |   and Choiced  Servants of God

Repositioning the church for the final harvest

About the conference

The World Mission Conference is a major annual event of the ministry which holds within the first week of December every year. It started over two decades primarily to be an avenue for mobilizing, refreshing and uplifting the Ministry’s Mission thrust; Leadership, missionaries, members and the community of believers that believe and are missional.


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Where to Attend

For effective crowd control, the conference will be held in five physical venues and other relevant online platforms which will be made known soon.

The physical centres/venues for the conference are as follows:

This venue will host  invited delegates and selected leaders.

This venue will host brethren within the Gonin gora, Ungwan tanko, Kakau, Trikania, Ungwan galadima and Federal Housing axis.

This venue will host brethren within Television, Romi and Kakuri axis.

This venue will host brethren in Narayi, Barnawa, Ungwan Maigero, Kamazo, Karji and Bagado axis.

This venue will host brethren within Sabon, Damishi, Maraban Rido, Mahuta and Juji axis.


All Centres will be adequately furnished and equipped with necessary technology to connect LIVE to the headquarter through ONLINE STREAMING. Pastors and leaders will be stationed to coordinate the centers to ensure maximum conference experience. We therefore encourage faithful adherence to this arrangement.


Since the conference is brought close to the people, we encourage brethren to invite as many friends, families and neighbors to be part and benefit in this rich conference.


The conference will commence On Wednesday 1st to Sunday 5th December, 2021. There will be sessions in the morning (9am) and Evening (4:30pm – 8pm)


There would be transportation only after the evening session.


Kaduna is expected to be cold during the conference period, participants are adviced to come prepared.


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